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Energy centers

Industrial processes and heat supply systems consume large quantities of fossil fuels worldwide. The energy supply with biomass and residual products from agriculture and forestry represents a long-term safe alternative. In addition, an investment in a biomass energy supply system usually entails serious fuel cost savings. ICS ENERGIETECHNIK plans and realizes customer-specific energy centers for industry, commercial companies and municipalities. For district heating purposes of cities and municipalities, hot water systems are installed, either with or without electrical power generation. Furthermore, process steam and hot air can be made available for different production processes, always with the use of regionally available biomass fuels.
Below you will find some selected project examples and references, which were successfully realized by ICS ENERGIETECHNIK:


District heating Obersdorf II – more heat for the customers 

      Biomass reference Obersdorf II boiler house main parts 200x150  Biomass reference Obersdorf II boiler house 200x150
      Biomass reference Obersdorf II piping 200x150  Biomass reference Obersdorf II fire firebox 200x150

The district heating network in Obersdorf was greatly expanded by the expansion of the local business parks. Finally, all local companies and consumers want to benefit from the advantages of a district heating connection. For the ICS ENERGIETECHNIK this is already the third boiler plant that we can install for our customer. This shows confidence and long-term satisfaction with our services. With the expansion of the heating system in Obersdorf to another boiler, our customer is good equipped and ready for the future. The new heating plant produces hot water with a capacity of up to 2.450 kW.  

Project data:

          • Location: Austria
          • Boiler power: 2.450 kW / 100 °C
          • Fuel: wood chips



Biomass power plant Murau – from the heat to the power production

      Biomass reference Murau steam turbine 200x150  Biomass reference Murau fuel storage place side view 200x150
      Biomass reference Murau fuel storage place 200x150  Biomass reference Murau fuel bunker 200x150

The existing hot-water boiler plant of ICS ENERGIETECHNIK in Murau should be expanded to a full steam power plant. An interesting and challenging project for the team of ICS ENERGIETECHNIK. After completing the necessary demounting work on the inventory, it was the greatest challenge to place all new power plant components in the compact boiler house. A building expansion for the steam turbogenerator and many engineering hours were necessary to finally set the power plant into operation. The district heating plant in Murau has a long tradition, to over 10 km district heating network are today more than 500 heat customers connected. The additional incomes from the electricity production now safe the existence and the future of this traditional plant.  

Project data:

          • Location: Austria
          • Turbogenerator power: 680 kWel
          • Boiler power: 5.000 kWth / 35 bar / 500 °C
          • Fuel: wood chips and bark



Biomass power plant Waidhofen – power for the grid and heat for the customers   

      Biomass reference Waidhofen boiler house 200x150  Biomass reference Waidhofen boiler house inside 200x150
      Biomass reference Waidhofen steam boiler 200x150  Biomass reference Waidhofen steam boiler montage 200x150

The traditional district heating network in Waidhofen is supplied with bioenergy since many years. Due to the interesting feed-in tariffs for green electricity, our customer decide already for his second biomass power plant from ICS ENERGIETECHNIK. The biggest challenge in this project was the integration of the power plant equipment in the existing boiler house. Through the experience of ICS ENERGIETECHNIK in the field of plant integration all components finally to fond their place were successfully put into operation.  

Project data:

          • Location: Austria
          • Turbine power: 900 kWel
          • Boiler power: 6.000 kWth / 35 bar / 500 °C
          • Fuel: wood chips, bark, waste wood



District heating Obersdorf – Energy supply for the business park

      Biomass reference Obersdorf boiler house 200x150  Biomass reference Obersdorf firebox with warm water boiler 200x150
      Biomass reference Obersdorf fuel bunker 200x150  Biomass reference Obersdorf fuel storage 200x150

The settlement of different companies in Obersdorf and high interest in the village prompted the construction of this district heating system. Our client had already many years of experience in the energy supply and instructed again the ICS ENERGIETECHNIK with the delivery of technical heating equipment. In a very short construction time, this district heating plant was built on the edge of the up and coming busness park. The generated heat is transported via an underground, pre-insulated heating network and heat transfer stations to the heat consumers. The positive prospects of the business parks safeguard the long term success of this project. 

Project data:

          • Location: Austria
          • Boiler power: 1.500 kW / 100 °C
          • Fuel: wood chips


and many more:

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