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Wood industry

The wood industry is one of the classic applications of biomass energy systems. Although a variety of different processes and technologies are used in the production of wood products, the energy supply from biomass and residual wood is almost always the best choice. ICS ENERGIETECHNIK has many years of experience in the wood industry and understands the challenges of our customers. Thus, the use of biomass technologies has proven itself in sawmills, MDF or OSB production, in the chipboard industry, in furniture production and also in pellet production industry. Through the use of wood waste directly generated in the production process, in addition to hot water, process steam, hot air and thermal oil, electric power is generated (combined heat and power), which can be used for the production processes or fed into the public grid.
Below you will find some selected project examples and references, which were successfully realized by ICS ENERGIETECHNIK:


Biomass power plant Mebel-Service Ukraine - Heat supply for furniture production 

      Biomass reference Mebel Service firebox superheater 200x150  Biomass reference Mebel Service boiler house 1 200x150
      Biomass reference Mebel Service boiler house 2 200x150  Biomass reference Mebel Service boiler house 3 200x150

ICS ENERGIETECHNIK was selected to realize a biomass combined heat and power plant to ensure the long-term heat supply of wood drying chambers as well as the operating buildings. In addition to heat, a steam turbine is also producing electricity, which is fed into the public grid. Our customer operates several large furniture factories in the region and relies on the long-term experience of ICS in the export business. As fuel is used wood residues from the different production plants. In addition to supplying the power plant equipment, ICS also provided a favorable and secured export financing line for the customer via an Austrian bank.


Project data:

          • Location: Ukraine
          • Turbogenerator power: 2.200 kWel
          • Boiler power: 12.000 kWth / 35 bar / 500 ° C
          • Fuel: wood chips and wood residues
          • Financing: export credit via Austrian bank


Winner SEF AWARDS 2017 - Best biomass project in Eastern Europe!



Biomass power plant Bilgoraj – waste wood from furniture production

      Biomass reference Bilgoraj cooling pond 200x150  Biomass reference Bilgoraj fuel crane 200x150
      Biomass reference Bilgoraj boiler house 200x150  Biomass reference Bilgoraj steam turbine 200x150

Our first power plant project in Poland for industrial electricity and heat supply of a furniture production. As fuel come for this plant only production wastes are used. The furnaces were designed specifically for the use of MDF waste and sawdust. The fuel is supplied to the power plant via an automatic crane system. Two boiler lines generate superheated steam, which is converted into a condensing turbine into electricity. The recooling of the waste heat is carried out via a specially built cooling lake with an area of approximately 1.5 hectares. The plant is fully automatic and the year-round operation.

Project data:

          • Location: Poland
          • Turbine power: 2.650 kWel
          • Boiler power: 2 x 6.200 kWth / 35 bar / 500 °C
          • Fuel: MDF-plate waste and sawdust


Biomass power plant Aschbach – Power and heat for the belt dryer   

      Biomass reference Aschbach boiler house 200x150  Biomass reference Aschbach boiler house backside 200x150
      Biomass reference Aschbach wood fuel 200x150  Biomass reference Aschbach firebox section 1 200x150

A sensful utilization of wood waste from its own waste management companies prompted our customer to realize this project. The combustion of waste wood and shredder materials are a particular challenge to the plant engineering. Our customer relies on the experience of ICS ENERGIETCHNIK in the range of difficult fuels and the robustness of our systems. The frequent changes of fuel qualities in normal operation requiring a high degree of automation and require special functionally from the process control. The waste heat from the cogeneration process is supplied to a belt dryer for drying different materials. The nearby private houses can now also be heated with comfortable district heating power.  

Project data:

          • Location: Austria
          • Turbine power: 2.000 kWel
          • Boiler power: 2 x 6.200 kWth / 35 bar / 500 °C
          • Fuel: waste wood


Hot water boiler plant Mielec - process heat supply for a furniture production 

      Biomass reference Mielec boiler 200x300  Biomass reference Mielec firebox 200x300  Biomass reference Mielec boiler house 200x300

By using the chipboard waste and furniture residues from the company, the furniture production can be supplied with hot water cost-effectively and over the long term. The heat generated by a hot water boiler made by ICS ENERGIETECHNIK is used both for the production of furniture and for the heating of operating buildings. The special design of the grate construction allows the use of very fine but also coarsely particulate fuels with a very low water content. This project is already the third heating system ordered by our customer within 3 years.

Project data:

          • Location: Poland
          • Boiler power: 5.000 kWth / 10 bar / 140° C
          • Fuel: MDF and chipboard waste


and many more:

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