District heating and process heating plants 3.000 to 15.000 kWth

Process energy from biomass - reliable and sustainable energy supply

All industrial and commercial systems require a safe and economical energy supply. We plan and build turnkey power stations for various applications and processes. Next to warm water systems up to 110 °C, especially hot water systems up to 220 °C as well as process steam plants up to 35 bar and 500 °C are used. Our process steam systems can be performed by the modular structure also available with a self-power generation module or as full biomass cogeneration plants.


Products: Biomass process heating warm water boiler 500 und 12000kWth 293x220

District heating plants - regional energy supply up to 15.000 kWth

We plan and build modern and reliable local heating and district heating systems for industrial, commercial and private customers. Our experienced engineering team create energy studies, heat concepts and customer analyzations to develop the ideal power solution for each customer structure. As a general contractor we work in all project areas, from the construction of the heating plant, the district heating network to the heat connection of the end user.

Process energy systems - reliable process supply up to 15.000 kWth

For the energy supply of production processes, the use of biomass plays an increasing role instead of fossil fuels. The cost of the power supply can be significantly reduced with the use of local biomass fuels. This gives production companies a significant competitive advantage and provides good opportunities for development of the company. We develop together with our customers customized energy concepts and solutions to reduce the costs of energy supply in the long term and secure. As a construction company we build complete power stations and distribution systems and are therefore a flexible partner in all questions of energy supply.


Design parameters of our energy stations:Biomass process heating boiler house 293x220

Each system is specially designed for the requirements of the energy consumers. The heat medium warm water, hot water or steam up to 500 °C and 35 bar can be used. With the modular design and flexible controllability of our systems, even difficult production processes can be optimally supplied. In addition to the boiler plant, we plan and build the associated piping systems, district heating networks and ancillary installations to finally can take a turnkey power station with optimum power distribution in operation:

Warm water plants 3.000 to 15.000 kWth / max. 110 °C

Hot water plants 3.000 to 15.000 kWth / max. 220 °C

Process steam plants 3.000 to 15.000 kWth / max. 35 bar and 500 °C / 0,5 to 15 t/h


Applications:Biomass district heating boiler house old and new 293x220

      • District heating nets
      • Building and object heating
      • Food production industry
      • Diary industry
      • Brewery industry
      • Paper production industry
      • Leather production industry



PLANT SCHEME Process energy

Biomass process energy process overview 700x494


Biomass process heating warm water boiler 293x220 Biomass process heating piping 293x220 Biomass process heating firebox grate and schamott 293x220

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