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Agro / Food industry

The use of biomass plants in the agricultural sector and in the food industry is becoming increasingly important. Finally, CO2 emissions, carbon footprint and fuel costs are significantly reduced through the use of regionally available biomass. ICS ENERGIETECHNIK offers suitable solutions for energy supply for a large range of agricultural and food production processes. In the agricultural sector, mainly drying plants for various products are being converted from fossil fuels to environmentally friendly biomass. Since suitable biomass fuels often occur directly at the production site, investing in a biomass energy supply has great economic advantages. In food production, the use of environmentally friendly process steam or hot water ensures long-term energy supply. Often, the biomass systems are also combined with electrical power generation (cogeneration process) to allow the best possible use of biomass fuels.
Below you will find some selected project examples and references, which were successfully realized by ICS ENERGIETECHNIK:


Biomass power plant Wiesmoor – Power and heat for the green houses   

      Biomass reference Wiesmoor power plant 200x150  Biomass reference Wiesmoor power plant backside 200x150
      Biomass reference Wiesmoor power plant steel construction 200x150  Biomass reference Wiesmoor main parts 200x150

Thanks to the initiative of the city administration, the local green house operators and the ICS ENERGIETECHNIK is environmentally friendly produced electricity and heat from biofuels in Wiesmoor. The energy is produced from untreated biomass in the form of wood residues, resulting from the landscape management. The new plant will replace numerous individual fossil energy sources in Wiesmoor and improves the environmental situation significantly. Power is reliable, environmentally friendly and made of renewable fuels in the region. The regional economy is strengthened and created new jobs, and all at an affordable and secure long-term price.

 Project data: Customer:

          • Location: Germany
          • Turbogenerator power: 1.990 kWel
          • Boiler power: 10.300 kWth / 35 bar / 500 °C
          • Fuel: waste wood from landscape maintenance

Built by ICS ENERGIETECHNIK as main investor, the power plant produces about 2 MW of electricity and 7,5 MW of heat. The thermal energy is provided to the various green house producers for heating of about 30 hectares of greenhouse space with a 7 km long heat network. The electricity produced is fed into the public grid under the German EEG. The energy is generated by a biomass boiler and a steam turbogenerator. The system works with the exception of the fuel loading and ash removal automatically.


Biomass power plant Stainach - process steam for the milk production 

      Biomass reference Stainach power plant 200x150  Biomass reference Stainach cooling 200x150
      Biomass reference Stainach firebox grade and schamott 200x150  Biomass reference Stainach firebox steel construction 200x150

The local dairy company wants to develop in the future independent from fossil fuels. The biomass power plant with a capacity of a total of 12,400 kWth now generates the necessary process steam for the milk production. In addition, clean renewable electricity is produced and fed into the public grid. About a 200 m long steam pipe, which had to be conducted partly under the railroad tracks, the process steam is transported from an extraction condensing turbine with a maximum of 1,500 kWe to the dairy. The power plant equipment of ICS ENERGIETECHNIK, designed as twin redundant system, use of the regional biomass. The waste heat is additionally coupled out and fed into the local district heating network.  

Project data:

          • Location: Österreich
          • Turbine power: 1.500 kWel
          • Steam extraction: max. 14 t/h
          • Boiler power: 2 x 6.200 kWth / 35 bar / 500 °C
          • Fuel: wood chips and bark


Drying plant ZIPO – Corn drying with biomass 

      Biomass reference Zipo drying plant 200x150  Biomass reference Zipo boiler house 200x150
      Biomass reference Zipo firebox fire 200x150  Biomass reference Zipo hydraulikaggregate 200x150

Our client is working since years with livestock, agriculture and the biomass fuel production. The plant expansion and installation of a new corn drying plant was therefore a further step towards a successful future. For the energy supply of the drying plant, the ICS ENERGIETECHNIK is also responsible in this succesful project. The tower dryer is powered by hot water pipes and high efficient with hot air up to 130°C. Due to the flexible usability of our boiler plant, also the planned further drying systems and a possible expansion of district heating is possible. So work period of the energy system can be further increased and a more profitable operation be ensured.  

Project data:

          • Location: Slovenia
          • Dryer power: 16 t/h
          • Drying product: Maize, Soy
          • Hot air generation power: 3.000 kWth / 130 °C
          • Fuel: wood chips and corn cops


Drying plant Tschiggerl – Corn cops for corn drying   

      Biomass reference Tschiggerl boiler house 200x150  Biomass reference Tschiggerl boiler house assembly 200x150
      Biomass reference Tschiggerl fuel bunker 200x150  Biomass reference Tschiggerl dryer and silo 200x150

A profitable overall concept with use of all available resources was the aim of this project. Three different drying plants for corn, pumpkin seeds, beans and corn cobs were installed in extremely short construction time. In the energy supply our customer relies on the experience and the know-how of ICS ENERGIETECHNIK. As fuel for heating system 100% corn cobs are be used - without treatment, directly from the field. The combustion technology has been optimized by us specifically for this fuel and successfully provides energy for the drying systems. About a sophisticated heat distribution system from ICS, the drying systems can be optimally and very efficient supplied with energy.  

Project data:

          • Location: Austria
          • Drying power: 16 t/h + 2 t/h + 1 t/h
          • Drying product: Corn, pumpkin seed, beans, corn cops
          • Hot air power: 3.000 kWth / 130 °C
          • Fuel: corn cops




Drying plant Viljamaa – wood chips instead of liquid gas   

      Biomass reference Viljamaa Trying plant 200x150  Biomass reference Viljamaa drying plant fuel bunker 200x150
      Biomass reference Viljamaa Firebox 200x150  Biomass reference Viljamaa fuel bunker 200x150

The before use of liquid gas LPG made the drying operation for our customer unnecessarily expensive and long-term uncertain. The decision to convert to woodchips from his own production, therefore was obvious. With the delivery of biomass hot air technology, ICS ENERGIETECHNIK was found an experienced partner. The cold autumn months in Estonia require high efficiencies of hot air generation, which can be reached profitably with our ICS HotAir system. The profitability of the drying plant (currently the largest grain drying plant in Estonia) and the extremely low drying costs give our customers a significant competitive advantage and long-term success.  

Project data:

          • Location: Estonia
          • Drying power: 40 t/h
          • Drying product: rape seed, wheat, beans
          • Hot air generation power: 3.000 kWth / 110 °C
          • Fuel: wood chips and grain residues


Drying plant Mitterer - bark instead of heating oil   

      Biomass reference Mitterer drying plant 200x150  Biomass reference Mitterer firebox 200x150
      Biomass reference Mitterer silo 200x150  Biomass reference Mitterer push floor with feed screw 200x150

To reduce the use of expensive heating oil, ICS ENERGIETECHNIK has equipped the existing corn drying plant with a new biomass hot air generator ICS HotAir. Our first plant of this kind is operated with bark from a sawmill and agricultural waste nearby and provides clean hot air to the corn and flat drying plant. The success of this project speaks for itself, our client was able to double through significant savings in energy the drying capacity and the storage capacity in recent years and thus further improve his competitiveness.  

Project data:

          • Location: Austria
          • Dryer power: 2 x 6 t/h + 1 t/h
          • Drying product: corn, pomace
          • Hot air power: 2.000 kWth / 110 °C
          • Fuel: bark and agro residues


and many more:

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