Biomass hot air generation plants 3.000 to 15.000 kWth

Drying with biomass - the ICS HotAir-Technology Biomass drying hot air generator 3000kW 293x220

Our hot air generator systems are manufactured for the energy supply of industrial and agricultural drying plants. With the use of regionally available biomass instead of fossil fuels, the drying costs can be significantly reduced. Flexible technology and years of experience in the design of hot-air systems allow the combination with almost all available dryer models.



ICS HotAir - industrial technology for high performance up to 15.000 kWth

The plants with ICS HotAir technology are made with a thermal capacity up to 15.000 kWth and can provide hot air volumes up to 1.000.000 m³/h and temperatures up to 1000 °C for all drying applications. The robust design allows the use of a wide range of different biomass fuels.

Applications for the ICS HotAir systems:

Agricultural drying plantsHeating costs comparing agricultural drying plant 500x242

          • Maize, corn
          • Pumpkin seeds
          • Grain, wheat, barley
          • Rape
          • Sugar beet
          • Sunflower seeds
          • Soy
          • Straw, grass, weed, lucerne


Industrial drying plantsHeating costs comparing industrial drying plant 500x242

          • Wood chips
          • Bark
          • Sawdust (pellet production)
          • Sewage sludge
          • RDF, SSW, waste
          • Sand, stones, minerals
          • Fruits, herbs
          • Plastics, synthetics


Biomass drying corn temporary storage 293x220 Biomass drying drying plant 293x220 Biomass drying fuel bunker 293x220


Flexible technology - many applications

Our hot air plants are working with different drying system across Europe. The systems are always specified to the requirements of the drying plant. The flexible design allows to combine almost any drying system with our biomass technology:Biomass drying fuel bunker and firebox 293x220

      • Tower dryers
      • Belt dryers
      • Feed and turn dryers
      • Drum dryers
      • Flat grate dryers
      • Fluidized bed dryers
      • Drying chambers


Gently product drying - indirect hot air generators up to 200 °C

Our indirect hot air systems are used everywhere, where clean fresh air is needed. Especially in the food industry, the indirect drying becomes more popular, since the drying product does not come into contact with the exhaust gases from the combustion process. Through the use of an efficient and specifically for biomass designed exhaust gas / air heat exchanger, clean hot air can be produced up to 200 °C. So also modern drying systems with heat recovery installations can be powered optimally with our technology.

Drying schema indirect hot air generator 700x384


High-temperature drying - direct hot air generators up to 1.000 °C

For drying of mineral products such as sand or stones, high drying temperatures are required. With our biomass fired, direct hot air systems can be provided, depending on fuel humidity, hot gas up to 1000 °C. The combustion gas from the biomass combustion is mixed in a mixing chamber with cold air and the required drying temperature is automatically regulated. About optional hot gas fans also overpressure drying systems (such as fluidized bed dryers) can be combined with our systems.

Drying schema direct hot air generator 700x354


PDF download icon      ICS Folder - hot air generation for agriculture and industry 
Youtube logo  Movie - Corn cop combustion
Youtube logo  Movie - Agropellets / wheat straw pellets combustion


Biomass drying fuel bunker and corn cob 293x220 Biomass drying corn silos 293x220 Biomass drying building with silo 293x220

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